Richart Distributors Inc., manufacturers of Flomore Products, exceeded expectations after our first ISO surveillance audit on  May 28, 2014.

Richart Distributors first received our official ISO Certification August 13, 2013. However, in accordance to ISO standards, it is mandatory to do an annual ISO audit to uphold and meet the requirements for our ISO registration. Our first ISO surveillance audit concluded with the auditor stating,

“Flomore Products demonstrated conformance with the assessment criteria and was recommended for continued registration, the internal organization and procedures adapted by Flomore Products gives confidence in the quality management system and the organizations ability to meet the requirements of the product and or services offered within their scope of registration.”

Based on the audit, Richart also upheld all documents, records, quality management, corrective/preventative actions and was very well organized and managed. With zero non-conformances, this is outstanding for the relatively short time that Richart Distributors has been ISO certified.
For more information about our ISO certification, please contact our ISO Manager Lauren Weir at Lauren.Melton@flomore.com or call 1-405-843-5654.

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