• Paint Booth

    With this equipment, we can control all of the variables-temperature, humidity, etc.-so that we can guarantee a quality product.

Flomore has grown tremendously in our success with an overall Oklahoma City office/warehouse square footage of 34,700 sq ft.  This includes our corporate office with testing facilities, state of the art equipment and vast warehouse storage.

We take pride in what we do, and have designated testing areas to test  flow-rates for chemical injectors and pressures for check valves. We also have a state of the art paint booth that you could find in any professional outfit. We have dedicated an entire building to our painting department.

We love to take care of our customers and we also take great care of our employees. Our employees have access to two fully equip kitchens/break rooms and an exercise facility complete with cardio machines and weights.

Safety is of up-most importance to us, so Flomore has installed a safe room that will fit 40 people comfortably to protect our employees.