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American Made,
American Proud

Product Summary Request a Quote

American Made,
American Proud

Product Summary Request a Quote

American Made,
American Proud

Product Summary Request a Quote

Inventory Available!

With the threat of the COVID-19 virus, Flomore® is taking steps to ensure our customers continue to receive top-quality products, on-time shipments, and exceptional customer service. Flomore® Products are American made and there are no delays in shipment or order fulfillment at this time because we have inventory on the shelves and ready to ship.

Electric Injectors
Pneumatic Injectors
Solar Injectors
Gauges, Glass & Accessories
Flomore® Catalog
bearded man operating forklift, moving items in warehouse

Flomore® Is Now ISO 9001 Certified

Richart Distributors, Inc. is an ISO-certified company. ISO is the International Standardization of Organizations which ensures our company’s policies and work processes are of the highest quality.

shelves with glass products

Our Warehouses Are Always Stocked

Flomore® is unlike any of our competitors. We make it our goal to process orders upon receipt and provide same-day shipping. We take pride in our inventory availability and our outstanding customer service.

image displaying the location of an oil sump pump on an offshore oil rig

Flomore® Is in the Field and Offshore!

Flomore® Products are available faster and live longer than our competitors. No matter where your project is we have the equipment you need to get the job done!

Customer Feedback

We like to know how to best service you.