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Serving the Energy Industry Since 1964

Richart Distributors, Inc. was founded in 1964 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Since 1964, the company has been a vital distributor of quality-made products, service, and customer satisfaction. In 1990 Richart Distributors, Inc developed its very own line of Flomore® products. The Flomore® product line is an innovative and groundbreaking line of chemical injectors, valves, and accessories.

Flomore richart distributors, inc. 3415 s i-35 service rd sign in front of building

Where We Are Today

Today, while maintaining its home grown, family roots, Flomore® Products has expanded with multiple warehouses and pump service dealers across the United States and Canada. Also, International business has grown leaps and bounds by adding supply companies and brokers from New York all the way to Houston, TX.

Richart Distributors, Inc., developer of Flomore® products, has set the bar for the competition by having the ability to quickly process and deliver orders on the same day. We thrive in providing the best service possible by constantly testing and improving product capabilities and quality.

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